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Here is what the intuition and gambling experts say:

Fully one third of all lottery winners have a religious or psychic experience before winning a lottery Jackpot.

- Dr. Roy Kaplan, Journal of Gambling Behavior

Once your latent circuits of intuition are opened by the training, your brain uses intuitive powers in all situations.

- Alan Vaughan, author of "The Power of Positive Prophecy"

The more intuitive you are, the better you can predict the outcome of your decisions, and so you make more successful decisions.

- De. Weston Agor, Intuitive Management

I have found that creativity is also enhanced by Psychic Jackpot computer training. Most people will focus on making greater success of their professional life - with greater financial rewards.

- Jack Houck, Aerospace Engineer - He has taught over 12,000 people to bend spoons with their minds.

Our winners have written the following testimonials:

I just bought Psychic Jackpot and used it for less that a month and I won $600 (1 four our of five and 3 three out of three's) in the California Fantasy 5/39 for a $10 investment. I know this is a new system; but the part I don't get is I have been tracking numbers for years with other analytical systems and could not win anything.

- V.G. Jr., Garden Groove, CA

I won $250 dollars in California's 6/51 game with a $15 bet after using the program for just a week. I've paid for the program 5 times over.

- J. C., Laguna Nigel, CA

I used your Pick 5 wheeling systems for the CA Fantasy 5 yesterday and finally hit 4/5 numbers. I won $307.00. I'm going to continue using your wheels and hopefully hit the jackpot soon.

- M. P., Corona, CA

Pasquale Benenati won 5.18 million using his psychic skills. What makes Benenati's case unusual is that he has won according to the California State Lottery every prize category in California's pick 5 and pick 6 games. Here is how he described his psychic efforts: "I almost feel I have a power that I am transmitting. There's an Aura I can almost feel around me when I'm looking at these numbers. It gets quite intense at times."

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