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The creators of this program is Ryan Wood of Lotto Systems Group, who developed the concept of integrating psychic phenomenon into lottery play. He specified the trap and wheel technology that is incorporated into Psychic Jackpot lottery software. Lotto Systems Group is focused on improving the quality/success of lottery play through educational tools such as software, free wheels and lottery strategies and seminars. The founders, Ryan Wood and Doug Franklin, have 40 man-years of experience in lottery systems and strategies from a players viewpoint. Alan Vaughan is author of The Power of Positive Prophecy (Aquarian/Harper, San Francisco, 1991) and he is rated America's most successful predictor by the Central Premonitions Registry. He has taught psychic techniques to over 10,000 people. He contributed the psychic training concept, originally applied to a computer program named Psychic Reward. Jack Houck is a systems engineer at a Southern California aerospace company. He programmed both Psychic Jackpot lottery software and Psychic Reward intuition trainer. Independently he researches paranormal phenomenon. He has taught over 12,000 people how to bend metal, particularly spoons, with their minds. Marshal Nechtow contributed the concept of histograming the most frequently selected lotto numbers by Psychic Jackpot.

Lotto Systems Group, has conducted lottery seminars for players in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1990's and our introduction to lottery systems and strategies seminar is posted to this website in the support section. One of the key breakthroughs in the presentation is the idea of a Jackpot Play Factor (JPF). This is a way of comparing the risk reward ratio of any lottery from across the world based on the odds of the game, jackpot size and the chance that you may split a prize with someone else. In essence, a figure of merit for each lottery at any give point in time. This lottery strategy is a powerful tool in choosing which lotto game to play like, such as the Florida Pick 5 game with a 2 million dollar jackpot versus a California's 6/51 lottery game with a 35 million dollar jackpot. In the end the difference between one states lottery game, with its odds and jackpot size and another states lottery can be as much as twenty times.


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