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In collaboration with psychic researchers Jack Houck and Alan Vaughan, Lotto Systems Group (LSG) has developed a completely new way of selecting winning lottery numbers. Picking the right numbers is the greatest challenge of all lottery players. Short of betting all the different combinations, a full wheel, it doesn't matter how many dollars you bet, if you don't pick the best numbers!

The goal of Psychic Jackpot software is to help you successfully predict the outcome of lottery drawings. Psychic Jackpot is a new software computer tool that combines three powerful technologies that 1) help trains your mind to become more intuitive to, 2) capture the winning numbers when you are the most capable of perceiving them, and 3) distribute those numbers into optimized Lottery bets. You begin by developing and expanding your psychic ability to correctly predict the winning lotto numbers through our software training. Winning number capture occurs when you are psychically "hot." We are all psychic and we all can be better with our software training. Some users are performing at the psychic genius level over 2,500 times better than chance. This software will dramatically improve your odds of winning at Lottery games.

After you're best Lotto numbers are chosen, and then it is time to use a mathematical strategy called wheeling or wheels. A wheel is mathematically a specific set of lottery number combinations. For example, a Pick 5 trap that guarantees a three out-of three win for 7 numbers looks like this: {1,2,3,4,7}, {1,2,5,6,7}, {1,3,5,6,7}, {1,4,5,6,7}, {2,3,4,5,6}. Stated another way, if the winning numbers are, say {29,3,6,7,19}, this combination of bets, a wheel, will guarantee that you will win at least one three number prize.

In short, you want to:

  • Train your intuition with the Psychic Jackpot software
  • Select the winning numbers after using the software
  • Use a wheeling system to optimize your betting and finally
  • Win it!

Intuition and Success

Intuition is "knowing something without knowing how you know it." Businessmen often use the term "gut feeling." The broad definition of intuition includes subconscious reasoning and creativity. The core of intuition is psychic ability - specifically precognition (foreknowledge of events that could not be rationally inferred, such as random electronic events) and psychokinesis (PK) (influencing random events by the mind). These two modes of psychic ability are linked in real life, with successful individuals using their PK to make their positive predictions come true.

The most reliable indicator of success is precognitive ability. Over 80 percent of successful company presidents (who had doubled their profits in five years) scored above chance on computerized precognition tests given by researchers Douglas Dean and John Mihalasky at New Jersey Institute of Technology (Executive ESP, Prentice-Hall, 1974). Unsuccessful presidents all scored below chance. The executives made 100 predictions on IBM cards, and a computer later generated 100 random numbers. The successful company presidents not only made better predictions, but also may have influenced the computer to make their predictions come true.

Psychic Jackpot trains the hidden capacities of your brain so that you use more and more of your core intuitive ability in real life. Once your brain circuits are opened by the training, you can use intuition in all situations. What happens depends on your focus. If you want to win money by influencing slot machines, you can - as one trainee demonstrated. If you want to focus on healing or precognition, the training develops greater power of your psychic resources.

Researchers have found that creativity is also enhanced by Psychic Jackpot training. Most people will focus on making a greater success of their professional life - with greater financial rewards.

Psychological tests given by Dr. Weston Agor (Intuitive Management, Prentice-Hall, 1984) to business managers showed that successful top managers scored higher than lower managers on intuition scales. The more intuitive you are, the better you can predict the outcome of your decisions, and so make more successful decisions.

Overview of Psychic Jackpot

The first step is to train your intuition with our Psychic Jackpot software program while focusing on the particular Lotto you want to win. The Psychic Jackpot program trains your brain's intuitive powers by giving you highly sensitive feedback on the accuracy of your hunches. Then review the Lotto numbers that have been generated at the time of your best precognitive or intuitive efforts.

The program evaluates when sufficient numbers have been pulled out of the random "noise" indicating via a screen dialogue box when it is "OK" to examine your best Lotto numbers. The numbers will appear in a table ranked by frequency of occurrence. Next you select the amount of money you would like to wager and the number of top numbers you want to be considered. Finally, you use one of the supplied wheels and it distributes the numbers into the optimum bets. We recommend you use these bets for two to three drawings, depending on your budget, because of the psychic phenomenon is known to perform "time shifts." You get the feedback on how accurate your lotto bets were from the results of the upcoming lottery drawings.

Our training study1 shows: 1) A significant majority of the trainees improved their psychic/intuition skills; 2) Trainees achieved significant overall learning; and 3) A large number of our trainees performed at a level 100 times greater than chance. The application of this technology to betting systems has been known as "associative remote viewing."

The intuitive training part of Psychic Jackpot is an electronic wheel of fortune that gives weighted, positive feedback 96% of the time. You predict which of the wheels 26 letter slots, A-Z clockwise, will be chosen by the computer as the random target, as shown by an arrow (See Figure 1). The closer you get to the target, the higher you score in money points. The Big Money is $10,000 for a direct hit. For over 600 or more trials, the average chance score is $1,000.

Figure 1 - Wheel of Fortune

Figure 1. The Wheel of Fortune
Direct Hit: $10,000; 1 Off, $4,000; 2 Off, $2,000; 3 Off, $750; 4 Off, $500; 5 Off, $200; 6 Off, $100; 7 to 12 Off, $75; 13 Off, $0.

Sound feedback plays a different tune for each trial score, yet can be turned off in the IBM version by using a function key or toggled off on the Macintosh pull down menu. This will allow for even faster play.

This software program design teaches you how to zero in on the target - and develop your skill at precognition - seeing into the future. You learn to recognize internal signals that tell you when your hunch is right and gain control of subconscious psychic processes.

Scores are automatically recorded and analyzed statistically. A graph records your progress over three series of 20 tests with 30 trials in each test for total of 1,800 trials. A statistics display gives your exact odds against chance and your scoring category. After 1,800 trials, an analysis summary gives the percentage increase and odds against chance for your increase in scoring from the first to the third series - giving objective proof of your learning. The program let's you know if you are aiming to far to the right or left, or if you are aiming to far into the future - 1,2,3 or 4 targets ahead. You can continue past 1,800 trials, but the graphs and summary statistics are no longer presented.

The real payoff of Psychic Jackpot is when you train your brain to use your hidden capacities to shape events in your life, and win a few lottery prizes. Once the training opens your brain's latent circuits for intuition, your brain uses intuitive powers in all situations.

Research reported in the Journal of Gambling Behavior2 shows "one-third of all lottery winners reported religious or psychic experiences that led to their winning."

A medical doctor went to a casino for his "graduation test" and won $3,000. A skeptical psychologist found he could influence random guess letters to achieve highly significant learning. "My mind was dazzled," he reports, "I was so surprised by what was happening I could hardly believe it." The highest score achieved by an individual in the training portion of Psychic Jackpot was 10,255 to 1 odds against chance. This fits the profile of successful company presidents who show outstanding intuitive ability.

By training with Psychic Jackpot Software, you can enhance the one key skill - intuition - that has been proven to be most predictive of success. And winning a few Lottery jackpots could improve your financial situation too.

Starting Psychic Jackpot

Psychic Jackpot program is a game of chance like roulette. You cannot use your hands, or your logic to succeed. Only your intuitive powers of mind will achieve success. You have to discover your unused intuitive capabilities by trial and error. Usually that means a lot of mistakes, especially at first. The faster you get the mistakes out of the way, the faster you learn. Unlike roulette, Psychic Jackpot gives you positive feedback for getting close, and so most people's scores improve over time. With roulette, winnings do not improve over time. That is why casinos stay in business.

Most trainees have begun by scoring below chance in the first 20 tests (first series). Those who go on to show the greatest learning begin with low scores as their left brain interacts with the feedback and they try to make logical predictions. Eventually, they learn to relax and let their right brain take over to make higher and higher scores. Scores swing from high to low, back and forth. Do not expect the progression to be steady.

Is there one strategy that stood out as giving the best results? Several people used different words to describe a similar experience:

"Being relaxed, meditative, not allowing misses to annoy me." "Being able to completely let go - a feeling of not caring." "Maintaining a relaxed, easy-going, playful attitude." "The harder I concentrated, the more I got wrong - I tried to find a medium level of concentration."

Those quotes are amazingly similar to quotes from Very Rich People on how they achieve success: maintain a relaxed, playful attitude and treat life like a game.

Try dowsing the wheel with your hand until you feel "heat" or "tingling" in your fingers.

Try inhaling through the nose, and exhaling out the mouth before each guess, or close your eyes and use the sound feedback to get higher scores. Try exercising before using Psychic Jackpot as this may help your scores.

Try typing in letters in advance of each test. Have fun with it. Treat Psychic Jackpot as an oracle. Type in a name, repeating it until you have 30 letters, and expect Psychic Jackpot will give you a high score. To enhance your positive scoring, focus gently on each letter before it comes up. Project a feeling of positive energy toward the computer and give it praise for high scores. Limit your training sessions to half an hour.

An analysis summary is always provided in the upper left of the program along with the odds against chance for your ESP learning. In the meanwhile, you can get a good idea of your progress from the graph that comes on after every test.

The power of your psychic ability is shown by significantly high single test scores (1702 or above). Theoretically one such significant score (odds of 20:1) is expected by chance for every 20 tests. The higher scores tend to come after repeating the training. Alan Vaughan's top single test score of 2800 (odds of 10,000 :1) came after a dozen training's. One trainee continually gets over 3,000.

By using this new breakthrough lottery tool called Psychic Jackpot you can improve your odds of generating the winning lottery numbers, conserve your money by using the free lottery wheels and win.


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