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Frequent Asked Questions

Questions addressed in the above file:

  1. What is the goal of Psychic Jackpot lottery software?
  2. Can you provide a quick overview of Psychic Jackpot?
  3. How do I start lottery play with Psychic Jackpot?
  4. What are some good ways to have fun with playing Psychic Jackpot?
  5. After training with Psychic Jackpot, how do I use it to pick winning lottery numbers?
  6. What sort of wheeling systems are provided?
  7. How much money should I bet?
  8. How do I upgrade my trial version to a paid version?
  9. What is the difference between a full wheel, an abbreviated wheel, a filtered wheel, and a key number wheel?
  10. How does Psychic Jackpot software compare with other intuitive or psychic training tools?
  11. How are the random targets generated?
  12. What are the statistics involved with Psychic Jackpot?
  13. What are some good references to learn more?

Introduction to Lottery Strategies and Systems

This presentation covers the history of lotteries, why people play and related content. It discusses the critical questions: How much money do I want to win? Which lottery game should I play?, How much money should I invest? How should I pick my numbers? What type of system should I use? Should I work with others to win? Does all this thinking and analysis really make a difference?


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