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ESP & The Lottery

ESP & The Lottery

Astrophysicist Mark Zilberman examined the results of the Russian and French state lotteries and asked the question: are the results correlated significantly with any identifiable external factor? Zilberman realized that the variation was correlated with the 11-year cycle of solar activity. When solar activity is high, the number of correct predictions lottery falls and vice versa. What can be the explanations for this result? Asked Zilberman. Are the draws effected by external factors modifying the results of lottery draws? Are they due to human precognitive abilities as modulated by external geophysical factors? Or are they due to human psychokinetic abilities to shift the stochastic process to a desired outcome?

How To Achieve Precognitive Success

How To Achieve Precognitive Success: "If You're So Psychic, Why Aren't You Rich?"
Alan Vaughan, Ph.D.

In the 25 years that I have been researching and practicing precognition - predicting events that can not be logically foreseen - the question most often asked me "If you're so psychic, why aren't you rich?" Reporters typically think that, if you can foresee the future then obviously you will want to make money by gambling on sports events or speculating on stocks and commodities.

Many people think that psychic ability should work like electricity you just flick on the mental switch and the psychic light comes on. But there are restricting psychological factors - some quite subtle - that determine precognitive success.

If you are serious about using precognition to enhance your own real-life success, here are some important tips gleaned from my own research (see bibliography) and research by others. I conclude with step-by-step instructions for achieving real-life precognitive success.

Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena

Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena
Jack Houck, M.S.E.

This paper is an ideal tool to get a deeper understanding of Psychic Jackpot and how it works from an engineer's perspective. There is no question but that today's "hard" science has progressed to the point where it can describe our everyday reality very well. Much progress is now being made in the human, or "soft," sciences as well, and many models have been formulated in an attempt to expand the currently accepted understanding of physics, a so-called hard science, to include studies of human consciousness. Since 1976, Jack Houck has been particularly interested in trying to understand and explain those paranormal phenomena that have been labeled remote viewing, telepathy, mind reading, psychometry, psychokinesis, and psychic healing. His working is the precursor to Psychic Jackpot and this model provides many insights into how the program works and how you can be more effective at winning.

Software for Training Anomalous Cognition: A Preliminary Report

Software for Training Anomalous Cognition: A Preliminary Report
Alan Vaughan, Ph.D. & Jack Houck, M.S.E.

The role of intuition in fields as widely divergent as science, business, and the arts has a long anecdotal history. Research into the potential for training this area of human performance, however, is not extensive. This report gives the background of anomalous cognition (AC) training devices, and describes a preliminary study involving a software program designed to enhance successful decision-making by training AC of the future and consciousness interaction with electronic systems (CIES) It was hypothesized that motivated subjects would be able to enhance their awareness of subtle internal signals or "intuitive hunches," as shown b increases in scoring. Plot experiments by 23 experimenter/subjects yielded four who achieved significant gains in scoring at the .01 level, one who achieved both a significant increase and significant overall scoring, and two who showed significant overall Scoring. Of 2 1 subjects who did one AC experiment, a significant percentage (71 % showed improvement. Eight of the subjects did 25 additional AC experiments, for a total of 46 AC experiments, which together showed a signif�icant increase in scoring, with overall chance scoring. Three subjects, including two new ones, did six CIES experiments, whose combined data showed overall significant scoring. Of 11 drop�out subjects, one attained a significant increase in AC scoring. Of the total of 34 subjects, a significant number (six) achieved significant rises in scoring.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Relevant Journal of Scientific Exploration paper titles:

Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness: Correlations on September 11, 2001
Roger D. Nelson, Ph.D.

This paper is relevant to the Psychic Jackpot lottery software because not only can seemingly random events be influenced but also they can be changed groups of people mentally focusing together. The Global Consciousness Project an international collaboration of researchers studying interactions of consciousness with the environment sponsored this paper. Their network of random event generators is located in over 40 host sites around the world. The data is analyzed to determine whether the fundamentally unpredictable array of values contains periods of detectable nonrandom structure that may be correlated with global events. In this paper the authors examine the data from September 11, 2001, for evidence of an anomalous interaction driving the random event generators to non-random behavior. The evidence suggests that the anomalous structure is somehow related to the unusually coherent focus of human attention on these extraordinary events.

Exploring Relationships Between Random Physical Events and Mass Human Attention: Asking For Whom the Bell Tolls
Dean Radin, Ph.D.

This exploratory study uses random number generators located around the world to track the daily change in variance for 2001, with special attention paid to September 11, 2001. Calculations showed that the largest daily correlation also took place on September 11. One interpretation of these findings is that mind-matter interaction effects previously observed only in focused laboratory studies may be detectable outside the laboratory, potentially at a global scale. With large lottery Jackpots, resultant media buzz and the large numbers of the lotto betting public, more psychic attention will be directed via psychokinesis and precognition to potentially influence the outcome of the draw. Exactly how is not know.

Geomagnetic Fluctuations and Free Response Anomalous Cognition: A New Understanding

Geomagnetic Fluctuations and Free Response Anomalous Cognition: A New Understanding
James Spottiswoode, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA

This is a technical article that explores possible correlations between anomalous cognition and the Earth's geomagnetic fluctuations. It discusses the correlation of between an increase in psychic ability around 13.5 hours local sidereal time. This is relevant for Psychic Jackpot users since if you use the number picking software during this window of local sidereal time you can further enhance your ability to pick the winning lottery numbers.

Margins of Reality

Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World
Robert G. Jahn, Ph.D. & Brenda J. Dunne

In a pioneering work, two researchers draw on a decade of experimentation to challenge the current rift between physics and metaphysics. Their provactive finding is that the interaction of human consciousness with technological systems can produce unexpected results.

Roots of Consciousness

Roots of Consciousness: The Classic Encyclopedia of Consciousness Studies
Jeffrey Mislove, Ph.D.

The Roots of Consciousness is a look at the history, folklore and science that shapes our understanding of psychic capacities. The purpose of this book is simply to provide an entry into the language, concepts and assumptions implicit in a sophisticated worldview that allows for the possibility of psychic functioning. The author is interested in readers understanding and appreciating this worldview rather than in accepting or following it as "the truth." This book suggests we all have a psychic potential. It details the well documented stories of exceptionally talented and unusual people and their related events.


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