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The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper first broke the story of Psychic Jackpot software in their business section back in 1993. Then other news media outlets picked it up, such as the Dallas Morning News and the Sacramento Bee. Finally, the trade industry news media like Lotto World covered the new story.

It has been a long time since the product introduction and Psychic Jackpot has been redesigned to run on Windows machines rather than DOS with improved psychic training and fresh wheeling systems. The new software version will be officially released to the news media in early 2005.

Odds Are, Stunning Coincidences Can Be Expected - Wall Street Journal 9/23/2009

Odds Are, Stunning Coincidences Can Be Expected: Lotteries Show That Trough Sheer Numbers, The Uncanny Happens; In Bulgaria, The Sam E Combination Won Twice In One Week
Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2009
This article discusses lottery number frequencies and over selection of lower numbers along with some strategies players use to select numbers. It is a very interesting reading.

'See' Lottery Jackpot Numbers with 'Psychic' Lottery Software

'See' Lottery Jackpot Numbers with 'Psychic' Lottery Software
LottoWorld, November, 1994
There are as many ways to examine what lottery numbers have done in past drawings as there are computer software programs. But one program takes a totally different approach: it looks at drawings still to come. It's sort of like getting tomorrow's Wall Street Journal today.

New Software Replaces Crystal Ball Gazing

New Software Replaces Crystal Ball Gazing
S.F Chronicle, October 27, 1993
You're thinking of a number and you feel like a winner; are you a lottery champ or just dreaming of a cash rich future? Now you can test your hunches against a new computer program. Called Psychic Jackpot, the new software is the latest of number-generating computer programs for lottery players who seek extra help in choosing winning numbers. But this program has a new twist: It claims to help users sharpen their psychis abilities.

A Winning Streak that Defies Odds

A Winning Streak that Defies Odds
Los Angeles Times, November 11, 1991
Pasquale Benenati says he feels his winning streak - a sensation invades him in a physical "rush." Irene Benenati thinks a potent force field of magnetism might emanate from her husband. Whatever the mystical mechanism, Benenati, a 59-year-old businessman from Riverside, has been recognized by the California State Lottery as the luckiest winner in the game's five year history: his numerous winnings add up to more than $5.35 million.

Psychic Jackpot Press Release

Original 1993 Press Release
In late 1993, Lotto Systems Group introduced the original version of Psychic Jackpot, for $89.95, which supported both DOS and Macintosh computers and sold over a 1,000 copies quickly. This press release is full of several still relevant quotations from psychic and lottery experts. Several major and minor newspapers, such as the San Francisco Chronicle and Dallas Morning News picked up the press release.


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